Wealthy Affiliate Honest Review From Real Member

If you’re looking for an honest review of the Wealthy Affiliate training program, you’ve come to the right place. This article is based on my experience as a real member of this course.

Hey, akid here.

If you want to make money online and choose affiliate marketing as your way, I’m gonna tell you the cold heart truth: it ain’t easy. You may spend an eternity trying and still not generating any. Especially if you start without any knowledge.

Like me, I do have experience in blogging and have succeeded generate revenue from advertising. But to earn as an affiliate, none. After trying for some time (and learn from free sources that just shoot randomly topic), I didn’t make even a dime. So I start looking for the right sources to learn and accidentally found the Wealthy Affiliate (WA). I started as a free member and am currently now a paid member.

I assume if you are now reading this article, I understand what you want to know: is Wealthy Affiliate a scam or legit? So here’s what I think about WA:

Course Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Membership: Starter, Premium & Premium Plus

Price: Starter (free), Premium (first time upgrade $19, $49 per month after that), Premium Plus (first time upgrade $49, $99 per month after that)

Training medium: Article and video

Guarantee: No


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What is Wealthy Affiliate Training Program And How It Works?

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an affiliate marketing training program that teaches the foundation that you need to build and achieve success online. It doesn’t matter who you are, what skills you have or don’t have, beginner/intermediate: everyone is welcome here.

This platform provides various content to learn about making money online – affiliate marketing, set up a niche website, basic SEO, content creation guide, getting traffic, and leveraging social media for your site.

WA is an all-in-one learning source, step-by-step training based. What I’ll find out what’s cool about WA is you’re not just reading and watch tutorials/lessons videos. Instead, every time you’re done with each lesson, they will be related tasks for you to do – learn & practice what you learn simultaneously.

This is an excellent way to measure your understanding level on a particular topic and helps you memorize faster. To put it simply, Wealthy Affiliate makes the learning process right again.

In addition, not just an article. WA also provides excellent training videos, live weekly webinars, and a community where you can discuss the topics that interest you with other members.

It is essential to mention that it doesn’t matter where you lived; the training on Wealthy Affiliate works worldwide. So you’ll have access to the training 24/7 and learn all the skills needed anytime anywhere. To give you an overview of how it was to learn with Wealthy Affiliate, they offered a free starter membership for those who want to check it out before committing.

But if you’re ready to get started with Wealthy Affiliate right now, click here and claim your discount for the first-time upgrade as Premium: From $47 you’ll get $19 for the first month and $47 every month after that (or just $198 per year).

Membership includes over 500 training videos and tutorials on various topics for internet marketing, website creation, and social media use. They also have webinars and other live online events that members can attend.

Who Should Join Wealthy Affiliate training program?

The wealthy affiliate training program is for those WHO:

  1. Want to learn how to make money online through affiliate marketing, paid ads, & SEO.
  2. Beginner or intermediate who still fail to make money online.
  3. Looking to learn affiliate marketing from A-Z.
  4. Want to learn the correct way to do content creation/ improve skills.
  5. Didn’t know how and where to start making money online.
  6. Who wants their content to rank on the first page of SERP and generate revenue from it.
  7. Wish to cut the learning curve and avoid guessing – saves a lot of time.

As you can see there are 7 types of people who are recommended to join WA. But beginner who knows nothing about affiliate marketing, or intermediate who still failed, joining WA will benefit you tremendously.

If you want to build a house, you can’t just start with installing the door. You’ll need the foundation built first before start building anything else. That’s what WA will benefit for a beginner: a basic that is mostly ignored by most aspiring entrepreneurs. For intermediate who is still failed to generate commission, there are many factors involved. But if I can name you one of the reasons it’s because simply you didn’t have enough basic knowledge needed. And WA can help you with that.

Wealthy Affiliate is a Step By Step Task-Oriented Training Program

The Wealthy Affiliate training program has a comprehensive online training program to help you become a successful entrepreneur.

This program consists of many tools and resources that will help you on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur. You’ll get the necessary skills and knowledge to be a successful affiliate marketer. This includes courses, tutorials, expert coaching, live webinars, and support forums.

WA “learn & take action” at the same time is what makes them stand out from other similar training programs. I believe how fast you take action after learning something is critical. Here’s what it pays off- If you don’t practice what you learn ASAP, your memory will forget about it. Plus, you will not know which part of the lesson that you really do not understand if you don’t practice it quickly.

WA training style can boost your understanding level and reveal what you don’t understand regarding particular topic/lessons quickly. As a result, you will reach an understanding faster and be skillful in no time. 

For the sake of making it feels real, after you’re done with any given task you will have to tick the checkboxes. Much like a to-do list. These checkboxes will make you have a sense of making progress in training and, evaluate how much is needed to complete a particular lesson as you can see at lesson number 7 in the sidebar.

How Wealthy Affiliate Training Program Can Help You Build a Successful Affiliate Marketing Business?

Here’s how Wealthy Affiliate can help you:

  • Free education in video tutorials.
  • Live webinars weekly (access depending on types of membership)
  • Community forums that are active, friendly, and always support each other.
  • Learn and take action at the same time – Task-oriented training
  • Support 24/7 regarding hosting/website error/question about training or any difficulty or any confusion
  • Keyword research tools to conduct keyword research: Jaxy.
  • SiteContent – Ultimate writing platform where you can create articles from scratch or used pre-made templates. It also has 1000’s of free images to use for your content, a grammar/spelling checker, and a unique content filter before your content is published.
  • SiteSpeed – A function that is making sure your WordPress website always load fast
  • Built-in affiliate program from any niche for you to promote

While people can learn a lot about affiliate marketing online and building online businesses, you may need to wander from site to site, forum to forum, just to learn. Same for the tools required. It’s exhausting.

As a solution, with WA you don’t need to jump from one website to another just for learning. WA is the all-in-one place packed with all the training you needed. Also equipped with essential tools that you need to for your site.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Programs Pros and Cons

Here is what I can tell you about WA’s pros and cons after 7 months with them.


  • Wealthy Affiliate provides quality, low-cost courses with a great support system for those interested in starting their own online business.
  • Has free membership that allows people to feel the program firsthand and evaluate whether or not it’s right for them – Zero risks.
  • Build your first website for free with free starter membership.
  • Guide on determine your niche.
  • Teach you the exact, legit ways to earn with affiliate marketing. Say goodbye to second-guessing or trying to figure out everything by yourself.
  • Shows you how to find an endless affiliate program for any niche – unlimited revenue sources
  • Learn proven strategies to get loads of traffic.
  • More than 1800+ expert coaches that help more than 23 thousand daily – you won’t be left alone.
  • Run your sites with secure, fast, and reliable WA hosting.
  • Lesson on creating content that CONVERTS.
  • The cheapest course compared with others 


  • Suppose you’re don’t have acceptable understanding levels of the English language. In that case, it will be hard for you to follow the training.
  • SEO training is not in-depth
  • No training about link-building
  • Not for veteran affiliate marketer

Overview: Wealthy Affiliate Pros outweighing the Cons. Although I really hoped there’s in-depth training about SEO and link building. Nevertheless, WA is an excellent way for less tech-savvy individuals and experienced but want to learn how to do affiliate marketing right when starting out.

My Story: Taking the WA course was the Best Decision of My Life

When I first joined the Wealthy Affiliate community in February 2021, it was a free starter membership. Just from the free starter membership alone, I learned a lot of helpful information.

For example, using their built-in keyword research tool called Jaaxy, I learn how to filter keywords that I get to ensure it’s a low competition keyword. As a result, my content has a high probability ranked on the first page of Google.

I remember when I signed up for WA free starter membership. There are 10 lessons available for a free course. At first, I was skeptical. Free means maybe I will learn something I already know or something unuseful. So I tried the first lesson. Then I kept going on with the next lesson. Finally, I learned all 10, and guess what?

As a beginner in this field, I was blown away. 

I’ve learned some of the vital affiliate marketing foundations needed for FREE by the first course alone. And WA stack each lesson in a sequence. This means there’s no wondering which one you should learn first (Thank god it’s not like learning Youtube). And the best part is just with a free course, I’ve created my first WP website through one of their tools called SiteRubix.

So with that said, can you imagine what Premium can provide? A maximum learning environment.

I was very impressed with the platform as a whole. The site has a lot of features for both new and experienced entrepreneurs alike. However, the training aspect is what I was most interested in, and I found that the training videos were easy to understand and really helpful too.

The community aspect of WA was friendly and helpful. I can connect with other people who already achieved massive success in this field with the WA community. So I get to expand my connection, be able to network, learn more and etc. There’s soo many other benefits if you know how to utilize the community wisely.

I can also ask any question there. While you don’t get as many live chats as you would with other sites, they were still helpful in getting questions answered quickly and efficiently.

Lastly, I thought that WA had excellent support staff because they were available 24/7.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Program Testimonials – Some of the Success Stories

Conclusion: Is Wealthy Affiliate Training Program Worth It?

Based on my experience-The benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate exceed the fees.

The Wealthy Affiliate is the best affiliate marketing course that I have found, hands down. The cost is reasonable (below $100 for premium and premium plus) too. But I personally think with all the quality training and other benefits, the WA team should charge more with the high-quality course, training, support, and other benefits. Well, I’m sure they realized this and it’s just a matter of time before they decide to increase the price to match the value.

So that’s my review of the Wealthy Affiliate course. If you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck, working 9-5, stuck in a rat race, looking for the right to make a fortune in the online world, take action NOW. Check out the Wealthy Affiliate homepage, sign up, log in and start your training. Fast action will deliver fast results.

I pray for your success. See you there.

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