uProfito App Review – Not A Bad Idea But Is It Legit?

Hye welcome to my part 2 itzfresh review. I will cover the third app in the system which is uProfito. If you still not read my part 1 itzfresh review, please read it first before continue reading here to gain a basic uderstanding about this online money making apps.

Or a slender man will come to your room tonight and keep staring right to your face while you sleep. Just pray you’re not accidently wokeup.

Now is uprofito legit? That is the first question you should ask yourself before purchased app like this. It’s important because most product creator shares one thing in common – they have powerful copywriting for their sales page. They can hypnotize you, make you go in buy mode before you even realize it.

So by asking yourself helps you think and not getting control by emotion. Like i said at my previous article before, don’t be someone who’s into buy now regret later type.

So without further ado, let’s jump on my review. First of all,

What Is uProfito?

uProfito is a site for video type content. Like youtube. The difference is you don’t create your own video nor upload it.

You’ll just copy a video url from youtube and paste it on your uprofito site. By using youtube api key, your site will auto captured the video data and auto fill in video description & tags that the video creator used.

Here is an example one the sites.

The FE uProfito comes with few DFY sites that has been categorized with niches – health & fitness, internet business, entertainment.. Just to name a few. So you’ll just decide what niche you want and your content will be around on a niche you pick.

Now what benefit you’ll get using uprofito? As stated in the sales page :

  • Complete passive income system
  • Create automated money pages with 1 click
  • Able to get free viral traffic
  • Make passive profit without hardwork
  • If want more money, just hit REFRESH
  • 3-4 figure a day without a sweat

Noticed the sentences I bold? That is for uprofito. You monetized the videos and your upfrofito site. The creator said uprofito is for no selling article content. Because uprofito will using ads like goolge adsense advertising to generate you money in your videos.

For your website you’ll monetized it by placing banner ads from advertising company or affiliates banner ads.

Sounds interesting? Does it make you feel the weight of having to constantly create content from sctrach has been lifted off from your shoulder? Does it makes your think ” this is what i’m looking for! ” ? I know. But does it really KAA-CHINGG that easily?

uProfito – Unethical Way To Make Money

While it does sound make your make money online (MMO) journey much easier, it’s actually unethical. Because you will be using someone else video without permission and monetized it. In other words, you stealing content.

Now let’s talk about content for a while.

Almost everyone who want to MMO are content creator ( Or someday they will be ).  So we know how hard it is to create a good content ( brainstorming ideas, thinking what sentences to used, choosing related pictures, etc ) in order to make it organized, fresh and readable for your audience.

Let’s assume you have created an article that is soo good it makes your audience loved it. You feel great and happy, all the hardwork is payed off because your know your article help solves their problems. Suddenly out of nowhere you’ll see the same article on someone else blog.

You examine it and no doubt this is your article. No credits were given to you. To make it even more worst, that person takes advantage on your hardwork by monetize his/her blog using your articles..

Now, after all that happens how does it make you feel? The same thing happen if you using uProfito.

Testimony & Proof uProfito Works? – None

As hyped as it is, ironicly i have never seen or found someone using uprofito sites or someone giving real testimoney about it. When i searched google about it, what i found was only a review. The reason i could ever think of uprofito sites will not get ranked on search engine mainly because :

  • Site that user create themselves or using DFY is not search engine friendly
  • Duplicate content ( remember, is not just you who purchased this product )

Due to reason above, i don’t think ads company will likely to list your site as worthy to run their ads campaign. Because no traffic means no one will ever watched their ads..

So is it true this product can get free viral traffic & generate passive income for you? I don’t think so.

If by any chance it works, you’ll have to build and established your brand reputation first which will takes time. While traffic tends to visit more reliable, established site like youtube to watch videos. So your chances to generate passive income from it is really thin.

Video Training Provided – But Does It Help?

Video training is provided. From how to setup your own sites or how to setup DFY sites, monetization, custom domain and so on so forth.. From i watched, if it’s about creating & setup your sites the video training really helps.

But the most important training I need right now and i really want to learn is how he used uprofito in a correct way to earn passive income, talks about strategies he used, and show his earning proof from using uprofito, is not there.

If i’m a product creator, i will be transparent about my earning that i generate from my product and i will show it to my buyers. Not to brag but it’s a proof my product are guarenteed can make money. If it works for me, it will works for my buyers too.

This is crucial point and if the creator himself did not show us his earning proof, should we purchased it?


Plus he also did not mention how much time will it take for his buyers to see results. But at sales page they make it sounds like it will be pretty quick.

 Traffic Training – Thumbs Down

No matter how good or entertaining your content, if you got zero traffic all the videos means nothing. The creator mention itz fresh system able to get free viral traffic. By free trafic from my understanding has two types.

  • 1st, from the search engine and we already know just now the sites will not get ranked
  • 2nd, from social media site like facebook

uProfito using traffic no.2. The sales pages stated activate software app #2 to get free viral traffic flowing fast (what is app #2 i will review it in the next article).

By what it means get free viral traffic flowing fast is by click a bunch of social media icons. Like a facebook shared button. Just click one of it to shared your uprofito site url.

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, basically any social media website that’s famous they have the icons. Plus included some of the sites that i never even heard off. The main problem promoting here is if we don’t have large enough of followers/friends, there’s no point sharing your url there because most likely no one will click it.

This so-called free viral traffic flowing fast claims is misleading and did not make any sense.

There’s traffic training video provided. But if you’re just using caption such as ” OMG LOOK AT THIS VIDEO!!  ” for url you shared (that’s what the creator do in training video) it will never picked poeple’s interest to click it.

What i would appreciate if the creator tells what is a responsive facebook groups to shared the uprofito url and teach what kind of copywriting that works to make people want to click the url. Or maybe teach his buyers how to promote the url using facebook ads in a correct way.

Honestly, this traffic training is really lame.

Conclusion – Should You Own It?

To be honest, the idea of having a site that is based on video for it’s content is not a bad idea. It’s just that uprofito’s not proven to get free viral traffic, the creator did not have earning proof using it.

The craziest part which is teaching his buyers to steal someone else’s content and monetize it, really turns me off. So in my opinion, uprofito is a NO.

I know some of you may have buy it. So if you’re still on money back guarentee terms, please ask for refund and if you buy all the oto’s, there’s no reason for you to let it slide.

Get your hard earn money back. Invest it on something that is proven to works, legit & honest, step by step, with someone expert monitored your progress..

Plus you’ll get support and help from all of it’s members too so you’re not alone in your journey. In my opinions this is one the best online money making programs ever created. If you interested –  Click here.

On a scale of 1 star to 5 star rating, i’ll give uProfito 2 star.

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