Profitmailrr Review – The Best Autoresponder?

Profitmailrr review – is this the best autoresponder for affiliate marketing?

Hi, akid here.

So for the last few days a software call profitmailrr came out and gone viral. My email inbox is stuff with affiliates promoting it. Claiming it is the most friendly autoresponder ever with a limitless function at a one-time price.

Being someone who always looking for something that can save money, I’m becoming curious. After hearing it, I quickly read the sales page. The headline saying sayonara to expensive old-school autoresponders.

I was like – “Ok let’s put the headline to the test”. So I bought the FE (front end). Time to review this thing.

FE price = 12.95$

The Sales Page – Let Me Analyzed That!

Let’s look a little bit at the sales page.

The headline combine with some specs explanation does capture people’s attention. I mean, who wouldn’t want it right? This is a dream tool for anyone who makes money online affiliates.

But as stated on the sales page too, there are some questionable claims I found such as enables you :

  • Enjoy laptop lifestyles
  • Get traffic & sales without any technical experience
  • Clear outstanding debt
  • Make sales on demand whenever you need
  • Quit your job, be your own boss
  • Beginner-friendly

They make it sound like this is a tool that guarantees your success in MMO. This is a misleading claim. Autoresponder is just a tool for delivering messages for marketers.

Now, as usual, the 3 simple steps.

Are these 3 steps true? Not to mention if the vendor using jargon words in the training video. It will be hard for a newbie to understand and follow.

Overall the sales page makes it sound like profitmailrr is a tool that guarantees success.  Half the content is selling dreams – laptop lifestyle, the beach, sit back & relax, etc.

Profitmailrr Front End – Inside The Product

As you can see at the left sidebar there’s a clickable button with a dropdown menu. While at the right we have an overview & stats, track progress, and so on so forth…

I try sending an email using it to my personal email. I would say the email deliverability is ok. Not takes forever to receive but I certainly have to refresh few times until I see a notification of a new email coming in.

But to set it up, does take me a while. Not just by 3 simple steps – that just impossible.


Training Video Provided

If you count correctly they make 15 training videos. The last video is 1 hour long (zoom in the picture down below)

Because of that, literally, anybody will take a while to finish the training. This means it can take a while to finish setting up your profitmailrr too.


Upsells & Discount –  BEWARE!

This software comes with the biggest oto’s I have ever seen. A total of 10.

FE (front end) has a limited function to it such as how many accounts you can use/email address limit/how many campaigns you can run and etc. With this upgrade, all limited functions will be removed.

Normal price = 37$

50% discount = 17$ 

Claiming this is set & forget, use A. I (artificial intelligence) manage your campaigns. In my understanding, this is some kind like… schedule emails and auto-reply? I’m not sure. It’s too shabby.

If it’s true, scheduling and auto-reply is just a basic function. Why would such a basic function come in an upgrade version?

Normal price = 47$

10% discount = 37$


Upsell 3#, pretty self-explanatory. They will set up your profitmailrr if you are still unable to set it up yourself.

But still expensive even after a discount. The sales page claim it’s newbie-friendly but after looking at the price, looks like it’s hard to set it up even for the vendor.

Normal price = 197$.

100$ discount = 77$

Make money with previous vendor campaigns. What you get from these :

  • 100 premium prizes for more traffic (not sure what it is but my guess, these are bonuses)
  •  top 10 products that convert, guaranteed approval
  •  62 email swipes for the 10 products

It’s tempting since you don’t need to guess and saves hours of time. But let’s have thought about this.

It’s a “previous” campaign so it’s outdated. It could be thousands of affiliates blasting these same swipes. So there’s a high chance your potential buyers already read it.

So your chance of making sales with their campaign is small because your swipe isn’t unique and not captivating to them anymore.

If you’re a newbie, it’s more relevant to focus on how to build lists with your own writing first.

Normal price= 67$

After 20% discount = 47$


Give you access to their traffic sources. Claiming can deliver 1 million visitors for god-knows how. Maybe this is about using solo ads.

But that just assumption. Since the vendor not being transparent enough about this upgrade so it’s very doubtful as to how it works.

Normal price = 197$

After 130$ discount = 77$

***As stated on the sales page but it should be 67$ after discount


This for whoever wants to run an autoresponder business with pofitmailrr. They will install it and customize it to your brand.

Nevertheless, unless you know how to market a product this upsell won’t do you a thing.

Normal price = 797$ 

After 70% discount = 197$

Upsell #7 granted you with reseller license. With a reseller license, you can sell profitmailrr and keep 100% of the profits. You also get related promotional materials.

BEWARE! – This upsell is a trap along with a white label license.

Usually, in newbie minds, they just thinking about wanting to make money “NOW” instead of “HOW”.  So usually this upsell does the job – Make you buy NOW, regret later.

If you know how to market a product, it’s a different story. Otherwise, stay away.

Normal prices = 97$

50$ discount = 47$


Give you access to things in the picture above. But I don’t have any more details about this.

Normal price = 27$

16$ discount = 11.93$


Give you access to all of the software that the vendor is using. Plus you will be the first to get access to every new product he releases.

The ultimate software package that will take anybody struggling and turn them into an online super affiliate in little to no time with all the tools they need to make it happen 

Overhyped claim. You can’t turn someone be someone in no time… That’s not how the world works. It takes time, effort & dedication to be somebody.

Normal price = 37$, 

With 26$ discount = 11.97$

The last upsell  :

Get all 3469 email swipe templates. Again, swipe is not unique because many will use it.

If you don’t know how to write or simply don’t have time to write an email swipe, you can outsource it to Fiverr. This will make your swipe unique and thus improves its conversion.

Normal price = 47$

With 20% discount = 27$

Pros & Cons

Pros – 

  • 30 days money-back guarantee for the FE. Each upsells have money-back guarantees too but the days are different. Some upsell have 30 days, some even have 180 days
  • Email deliverability is ok

***The guarantee is as stated on the sales page

Cons – 

  • Not newbie-friendly
  • Takes times to set it up
  • Takes time to get familiar with all of its function
  • Takes time to learn – have 15 training videos
  • Upsell is expensive even after discount
  • Misleading claims – the sales page make it sound like profitmailrr can guarantees success
  • Training video use some jargon words that newbie will not understand
  • Since its a bit complicated to set it up, they will go to upsell #3 which is expensive
  • Upsell pages have overhyped claims – chances newbie get trapped by it is high


Recommandation & Reason

After listing all the cons, I’m better off with an “old-school” autoresponder (Get responses/Mailchimp). Plus there’s an autoresponder service that lets you test run for free until you reach 500 email subscribers which is AWeber.

Your email list is safe with these trusted company such I mention above, and these company able to stay alive even in difficult times. With great services, support, and newbie-friendly training, I don’t mind about costs.

But what if you still want profitmailrr? I recommended give a thought about this :

How long this product will be able to stay alive?

If you don’t purchase upsell #6, you have a lot to worry about. What if the software getting shut down in the future due to certain reasons? Or the vendor suddenly decide to terminate it without notice?

As an FE user, you don’t have control over its hosting, its coding and etc. If it does happen, what about your lists? Can you save it?

This has happened to me before where I can’t access one of my crap MMO software. My web browser says “can’t connect to server”. I really hope this situation doesn’t happen to you.

Conclusion – Should I Get it?

To sum it up, should you get profitmailrr? Based on the cons I listed above, Nah… I don’t recommend it.

On a scale of 1 star to 5-star rating, I’ll give profitmailrr 2 stars.

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