Learn How To Sell Products Online – The Basic Principles

Hey, akid here. So you’ve tried selling someone’s product online but did not make any dime. You realize the reason you failed until now is that you don’t know how to sell. Now you want to learn how to sell products online – the basic principles.

You are in the right places. But first, you need to know there’s a catch.

This will take some time to learn. To be able to hugely improves your odds of success in selling, your game needs to have a certain unseen-process involved around it. So give yourself time to fully grasp it ok?

So… how do we do it?

#1 – Tell Potential Buyers The “Words” They Want To Hear

Principle #1 will be watching the words you’re using when promoting. If you failed to make sales, probably because the words you’re using are wrong.

First, let’s understand why people are buying. The first reason is :

1. To fill their needs

This is like when you buying something at the grocery store. Chicken, fish, vegetables just to name a few. You’ll have to have food so you can eat. Whether you want it or not, you will actually have to buy it. This is the need.

The second reason :

2. To solves their problems

Take medicine as an example. Medicine is not a need. But when you have fever/flu, you buy medicine. You want to be cured so you can be healthy again.  So you’ll see, fever/flu is the problem. With medicine, it solves your problem.

People only buy if they know the products can solve their problems.

Now how can we implement these scenarios when you want to sell something online? That will depend on your brain to connect the dots. Go find it yourself! (Sorry I’m just joking)

It’s simple. If you as a marketer did not mention the right word, they will not know it and leave your offer. They need to hear or read words that reflect solving their problem.

Example word: faster. Have a looked at this. Which one is more appealing?

A. ” This medicine will help you heal flu/cold/fever “


B. ” This medicine will help you heal flu/cold/fever faster in just two days “

Without a doubt, the answer is “B”. Because no one likes to be sick for a longer period of time. They want to get rid of it ASAP.

So by mentioning FASTER, with a doubt they will choose medicine “B” over medicine “A”.

Once you fully grasp the concept, I can guarantee you it’s easy to come out with these words. Don’t worry it’s not rocket science. It’s just common sense. These words already installed in our brain. It’s just that we were not trained to use these words regularly.

So start cooperating with the words that they want to hear every time you promote a product. But make sure the product itself has these words in the first place. Don’t make it up.

#2 – Building Trust By Make Them Know You

No matter how good the products usually we pass it if we did not know who is the seller or the brands behind it. Because there’s no trust linked in between.

Talked about the experience, I remember when Oppo launched its first handphone at my local handphone shop.

I give it a glance and I was like ” Nah.. I’m better off with Samsung or iPhone “.

From there we know that :

1. Oppo still don’t get my trust to make me buy its product

2. I’m more into Samsung/iPhone because these brands already gained my trust

So make them know who you are or what your brand is. Once you or your brand gained trust from potential buyers, they will more open to you.

Start by introducing yourself and your brand. Then keep on coming for them with something that helped them and give it for free.

After they buy from you, make sure they achieve what they want after using the product. This will strengthen the trust-bond even more. You will be able to sell a lot easier after this because they already know you and trust you.

#3 – Know Where To Find Them, If You Just Getting Started

If you just getting started, you’ve got to know where to find your potential buyers. They usually tend to hang out together at specific places.

Example. You’re selling car accessories. If you do your research, you’ll know your product is only for car lovers. From there you looked where they usually hangout which is usually on Facebook.

But this information is still too broad.

Even you have 5k friends, you still won’t be able to filter each one of them if they are potential buyers of your product. You’ll have to be more specific.

So the only places where they will be able to chat easily with each other about cars is only in the Facebook group.

Once you know where they are, start sharing tips and eventually start to promote your products.

#4 – Or Let Them Find You!

I personally loved this way due to a number of reasons :

1. Those who find me usually is targeted, buyers

They will type in a specific keyword at search engines such as google regarding their problems/what product they want to buy. If one of my blog posts that got the keywords rank at first-page Google, there’s a big chance they will click my blog URL.

If happens I’m promoting what they want at that time, there’s a huge opportunity they will buy from me.

The reason is simple. When someone decides to use a search engine and using keywords such as “how to buy”, “where to buy”, it means they are ready to buy.

This is different when you’re promoting in Facebook groups/forums etc. Usually people in there just want to have a chat or do some research to get more information about a product they want to buy.

Since they in research mode, they are not ready to buy because the information they have still not enough. So they tend to pass away any offer for now.

But with that said, if your copywriting is really good you can influence their emotions and make them buy right away.

2. I can collect their data (email)

Since they found you on search engines, you can use this chance to collect their emails and building your mail list. If they pass your offer for the first time you can simply follow up back with them.

3. I can do the “make them know you” with ease

This can only be done efficiently when you succeed in getting their emails. You see, when you personally want to communicate with them through email, you are not bound by any rules such as rules on Facebook groups/forums.

Usually, Facebook groups/forums admin will set certain rules and you have to obey them if you want to stay in their territory. Break the rules will result in you getting kicked out.

But by using autoresponders, potential buyers are now in your territory. You can easily introduce yourself there, communicate with them without any noise & give them tips/gift from time to time easily.

This way you will be able to work and build your relationship with potential buyers effectively and gained their trust.

Conclusion – Did Your Learn Something?

I hope this article helps improve your knowledge, even if it just a little ( actually I hoped you gained a lot). This is a proven way that works a few years back ago and still works a few years later. No… Maybe works forever as long as the internet exists.

What I’m sharing here are basic principles of how to successfully sell products online. There’s still a lot more in-depth process that you need to learn in order for you to do this effectively.

I recommended skipping the guesswork because you will just keep on try and error and it breaks my heart to see these. Please stop delaying your success.

If you’re wondering where you could have reliable training sources, step-by-step and proven to works, go to Wealthy Affiliate HERE.

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  1. I love how simplify you’ve made everything that you’ve presented on this article. You have really gone above and beyond to explain every detail of information to make it easy for beginners like myself to know how to sell by using this program. I am someone who is just getting started and I find a lot of use and articles like this. Thank you so much for this info

  2. Hi Akid,
    You have done an amazing job of setting up your website. The whole concept is fantastic, I wish I was so clever!
    If you could get some help with you English it would be an advantage, that is the only negative I can offer.
    Continue on, you are amazing.
    My website is just being setup and not as advanced as yours. I am a true beginner.
    I look forward to your comments.


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