Itz Fresh Review – I Spend Two Weeks Using It

itz fresh review

Hye welcome to my review about online money making software called Itz Fresh. Now for those who already read the sales page, i know it makes you really want to buy it. Take my advice, don’t be someone who’s into buy now regret later type.

Through my experience for this kind of app or sotfware or whatever you wanna call it, before you buy it’s best the do some research first by reading reviews or watched video review (If have) about it. Most likely, you will find a positive review because most of us just want the make easy money. So try the looked for a bad reviews together too so you can make a logic decisions.

So without further ado, let’s jump on my review. First of all,

What Is Itz Fresh?

Itz Fresh is a combination of 3 software that was deemed able to make you good amount of money. The sales page make it sounds like it is a new & untapped methods. Is this true? As stated in the sales page Itz Fresh is a :

  • Complete passive income system
  • Create automated money pages with 1 click
  • Able to get free viral traffic
  • Make passive profit without hardwork
  • If want more money, just hit REFRESH
  • 3-4 figure a day without a sweat

I will break down this topic into 3 posts due to the 3 software built in it which are called Prequell, Profitorial Sites & uProfito. In this post i will review the 1st app which is Prequell.

Side note : After i login into member area, i was surprised that these 3 apps actually is not new product. It was a previous product from the creator itself. In other words, the creator just recycled it, bundle it and rebrand it. Now either it’s recycled or not, it’s not important. The real question is, does it kaa-chingg?

Prequell – Do You Like Answering Survey?

You read it. Prequell is a survey app. You design your own survey or use DFY (done for you) campaign and just replace the ready made affiliate link in it with your own affliate link. Sound easy and simple right? Here’s the view of prequell dashboard.

prequell dashboard

As you can see at the left sidebar menu, there’s a dashboard, surveys, DFY funnels so on so forth. After user done creating their own survey, user have to promote the survey url and any potential buyer who is interested will click the url and will be asked to answer a series of questions. Depending answer given which is just yes or no, potential buyers than will be redirected to offer page. The creator also claiming by using this software will help us filter potential buyers that is interested or not interested with our offer. Here’s an example of my DFY survey.

prequell example survey

Let’s be honest here.

Do you like answering survey? I’m pretty sure all of us don’t. How does survey help us make sales since most of us will not click it because we don’t like answering survey? And how this software gonna help filter potential buyers if he/she did not see our offer in the first place? Even the survey UI itself are not eye-catching, not beautiful and not well designed enough to make potential buyers interested and wanting to click it.

As you can see here, my DFY survey has got more than 1k views, but responses only got 1.

Video Training Provided – Does It Help?

Video training is provided. But after watched it few times, the only useful video training they have is just showing how to create new campaign using DFY and how to create your survey. The most important video we need is how the creator used prequell in a correct way to generate sales, is not there. This is crucial point and if they did not show buyers the real way to generate money using their products, why should we invest our money in it?

One Push Button Traffic – Exposed

The creator mention itz fresh able getting free viral traffic simply by clicking push button traffic. Make it sound like this is some kind of holygrail button and we’re just sit back and relax while watching money pouring into our account. Actually the button is just a bunch of social media icons. Like a facebook shared button. Just click one of it to shared your prequell url.

prequell traffic button

Facebook, twitter, linkedin, basically any social media that’s famous is there. This also include some of the sites that i never even heard off. The main problem promoting here is if we don’t have large followers/friends, it means zero traffic goes to your prequell url.. In other word there’s no point sharing your prequell url. Not to mention almost everyone did not like to answer a survey in the first place. This so-called free viral traffic button did not make any sense.

There’s traffic training video provided. But if you’re just using caption such as ” OMG LOOK WHAT I’VE FOUND OUT!  ” for prequell url you shared (that’s what the creator do in training video) it will never, ever, picked potential buyers interest to click it. Honestly, this traffic training is kind of lame.


After using it for like almost two weeks, figuring out my self how to use prequell effectively & finding all of it’s big flaw, i decide this money making software is big NO. Of course there are no businesses that are perfect in every aspect.. All of it has it’s pros and cons but itz fresh has more cons than pros. I’m not putting itz fresh link here because honestly, one of it’s software prequell is not gonna make you any money.

After i found all prequell flaws, i started wondering about the creator’s intent. Is he really sincere want to help his buyers generate money or, does he just want our money? If he really sincere, shouldn’t he teach his buyers in detail, non nonsense, step by step using prequell effectively and if possible monitor buyers progress? Does he not afraid if his reputation as internet marketer tarnished by selling crap product and crap training? Is he really enjoying scam people’s money lifestyle?

I know some of you may have buy it. So if you’re still on money back guarenteed terms, please ask for refund and if you buy all the upsells, there’s no reason for you to let it slide. Get your hard earn money back. Invest it on something really works, legit & honest, step by step, with someone expert monitoring your progress such as this affliate program here. In my opinions this is one the best online money making programs ever created.

On a scale of 1 star to 5 star rating, i’ll give prequell a 1 star.

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