How To Make Money Online From Home – The Easiest Way


Are you still wondering how to make money online from home? You want to make money straight from your room but didn’t know what to do? Are you still fails to make even a dime?

Hi, akid here.

Actually, there’s a bunch of ways to generate income online right from your home.

Obviously, I’m not gonna able to cover it all in one post. So for today’s blog, I’m gonna tell you one of the simplest ways you can do which is doing a product review as an affiliate of it.

The platform we’ll be using for presenting our review is blog or YouTube.

So without further ado… Let’s start.

Make Money Online From Home Doing Product Review

Basically, you give insight to potential buyers by highlighting what the product is all about.

This includes what can the products do/benefit its user & the pros and cons based on your experience using it.

Lastly, based on the insight give a recommendation to your audience – Buy it or not.

Doesn’t matter what niche, physical or digital product. Your choice.

Tip: Choose a niche that you have passion about & at the same time, it can be monetized.

Why Do Product Review?

Firstly, when it comes to a product we were gonna buy, we as consumers always looking for insight & recommendations first. In other words, a guide.

By providing review we actually helped them determine the best choices that they can take.

Second, it’s one of the easiest ways to make money online. If you said “BUY IT!” most of the time they will follow your CTA through your affiliate link.

In other words, ka-ching! You’ll get a commission.

Plus In exchange for providing what they’re were looking for, we’ll get traffic. We can use this opportunity to build our lists, build reputation, trust & promoted them other products in future.

Third, if it’s a niche you have a passion for, doing product reviews around it is fun.

How To Monetize It?

By becoming an affiliate for the product. You earn commissions upon success on selling it.

Sound Interesting. So How Do I Started?

Now you decide to do a product review. That’s great.

So to start off the first step is to get the product. Either get a copy/request access from the vendor or just buy it.

Don’t be afraid to spend your money because if the product is a NO, you can request a refund.

Also by owning the product, your review will be much better and able to touched audience emotions from the ones that just stating facts based on the sales page.

In my opinion, if reviewing is just based on the sales page, you just shared facts that you yourself didn’t even know if it’s real or not.

This is different if you’re owned the product (or at least become its tester). Because your review it’s more about.. your experience with it, your feel about it… Which is unique and more genuine compared to the ones that just sharing facts.

Structure Your Review – Break It Into Few Parts

The next step is to study the product by using it.

Watch the training video and implement what you learn. Find the benefits, the pros, and the cons. What you’ll get from it is the answer to your audience’s question – buy it or stay away?

Now comes the review part. Obviously, this will be huge. For the sake of improving reading, if you don’t break it part by part, is easy for you readers to miss out on the actual point.

So break it down and categorize it.

To make it easy for you, I’ve come with formats that you can copy down below.

Product Review – My Simplest Format

Sales page

Start off with a greeting to your audience and review the sales page.

Mention what the sales page claim – what the product can do, what are the benefits, overhype claims ( if have ).

Inside The Front End Product

Bring your audience in. Let them have the view.

Show them all the pages inside the product. Explain a little bit to them each page function and what it’s purposed.

Then you start sharing your opinion based on your experience using it.

Doesn’t matter it is positive or negative, the most important is you deliver your experience and how you feel about it that matters most.


Show them all of the upsells.

This is what you can do if you don’t know how to request access upsell pages from the vendor.

After you purchased the products, it will redirect you to all upsell pages. Save each upsell pages as webpages or screenshot it.

If you in make money online niche, usually we know some vendors using some jargon words for the upsell pages that are not understandable for newbies.

So it’s your job to find out what each of the upsell is all about, so you can explain it to your audience and make them understood.

Brief in detail of each upsell – what it can do, what benefits it can deliver if your audience purchased it. If the upsells are great and helpful, say it. If the upsells are crab, just say it. Be honest.

Pros & Cons

Mention all the pros and cons you find.

Be transparent.

All the pros and cons you find will help your audience to notice some of the consideration points that they overlooked.

Recommendation & Reasons

This will be totally from your point of view based on your experience using it.

Is the product able to solve its buyer’s problem? Or is the product just totally crap, scam? Usually, what you tell here your audience will buy it. Again, be honest.

If you think the product can help its buyers to a certain degree, recommend your audience to purchase it. Congrats, by helping your audience you also get commissions.

But the products are nahhh, how?

I know. The reason we’re doing this besides helping people is to earn money. So here’s what you can do :


Recommend them other products that are similar.

But this time it’s totally real, legit, and proven. This way, you still able to help your audience and potentially you still can make a commission.


So there you have it. I hope this article helps you kick start doing your own review content.

However, this field is a double edge sword. What I mean by that, when it comes to a product review you can be someone who just wants to make sales even the product is just pure crap.

My advice is don’t change who you are for the sake of just wanting to get money.

The number 1 reason you jumped into this field is to help people in any form or way… Money is 2nd thing.

If you just thinking about earning money, it’s just a matter of time before you will end up becoming a scammer.

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