How To Find The Right Niche And Create Content Around It

how to find a good niche

How to find the right niche for your blog/website, one that you loved, enjoy talking about it and create content around it?

Hi, Akid here.

To discover the right niche, first, you must know what it is really about. Having a niche is the first step towards your income goal. Without a niche, you can’t even start your journey on making money.

Without proper decision about it, you just wasting time if you intend to start anyways. Because not having a niche is the same with you don’t have a goal.

In this blog post, I’m gonna tell you everything you need to know about niche. I’m gonna give you “keys to a Lamborghini”.

First of all,

What Is Niche? What It’s Definition?

Many said niche is a specific sector of the industry. Example in technologies and gadget industry, then mobile phone/laptop/pc/ is the niche.

In my humble opinion, its meaning can be more.

Because if you set your mind a niche is just a certain sector of the industry, you will be forgetting one simple-plain truth – what makes it have demand. For you to truly understand what niche is, I would like you to take a minute to think about any businesses. Any profitable business. Be it selling products or services.

How does Apple make people’s lineup early morning in front of their shop to buy its latest iPhone? What motivates Ray Kroc to expand Mcdonald’s one hamburger stand at the side of a street into a worldwide hamburger stand? Why did Elon Musk determine to make an electric car even though his idea is way ahead of time and carries a high risk of failure?

Because they find a group of peoples that loves their products/services.

  • iPhone – During its first appearance, the late Steve Jobs introduces a function where users can have the ability to locate their phone if it’s lost or was stolen… It was the first of its kind. With this unique selling point, iPhone was selling like hotcakes. Of course, that just not its main unique selling point.
  • Mcdonald’s – Its hamburger sells more than any other food not just because it is tasty, but because of the quickness of the hamburger was prepared. About food preparation, who loves to wait right? And because of this “quickness”, Ray Kroc believes it is key to success thus leads to a bigger vision, Mcdonald’s hamburger stands worldwide.
  • Electric car – Who wouldn’t love it if a car did not use any kind of fuel? Imagine how much money one’s can save? Upon Elon introducing the Tesla car idea, it immediately gains attention, and some just directly fall in love with it. Slowly, Tesla keeps on gaining fans until now.

To put it in simple terms, the other definition of niche is a group of people who shares the same interest in a product or service. Understanding this is a key to success. But knowing what it is will lead you to the next question which is:

Finding The Right, Profitable Niche For Yourself

Can we just pick any? The answer is no. 

Because you will end up with a niche that you do not know about. Without the knowledge to a certain degree, you’re unable to educate your audience and far from generating any sales. There’s a piece of old advice saying pick a niche based on your passion were told and passed down to all aspiring entrepreneurs.

Upon taking that advice is where the real problems start. There’s nothing wrong with choosing something that you’re passionate about.

The key here is are you have pretty fair experience/knowledge about it? 

And most aspiring entrepreneurs will do as they were told.

Since they did not get any idea of what they should pick, they will look over and copy from the simple examples they can get such as from a personal blog.

Since recording your daily life activities is easy to do, who wouldn’t love to do it? But it is only a matter of time before they gave up or switch to a different niche because of burned-out (not generating any money).

***Disclaimer: I’m not claiming personal blogs can’t make money. I’m just saying it’s not meant for everyone. 

So what do you do?

I believe that, if somehow you’ll have to look for a piece of advice, rather than trusting it blindly 100% you need to view it from different perspectives first. And you need to watch out for who is giving the advice.

What’s work decades ago may not work in 2021 and beyond.

Because the world of technology and the internet is always evolving. And this fact alone never fails to provide proof from time to time. Take an example of these two big-name before, Nokia and MySpace. These two were top dogs in the 90s, but now what happened to them?

It is proven that advice that is not in line with evolutions will always become obsolete later on. And those who are not following evolutions will fail.

So in the process of determining the right niche, what criteria you should consider?

When we’re talking about determining the right niche, it all boils down to 4 key things that you need to consider:

  1. What’s your experience in the chosen niche?
  2. What’s your expertise? Is it related to the niche?
  3. Is the niche is just a trend?
  4. Limited or unlimited monetizable opportunity?

The reason I’m giving you these 4 key points because you will always be creating the solving-problem type of content (in a form of an article or video), and soft-selling products to your audiences.

So you must know what factors are helping you to create content with ease and prevent you from burning out during the process of growing your websites.

Your Experience

Experience in the chosen niche will be a big help. If you have zero experience in a particular niche you may have to think hard when creating content which will lead to “forceful” writing that makes no sense and no value to your audience.

When choosing a niche, what I recommend is don’t blindly follow the crowd. You’ve got to count on your experience too. Pick something that you have experience in it.

You don’t need to have experience at the expert level. You just need to have a bit in.

Your Expertise

While experience helping you create content much easier, expertise helps you determine the right niche market to be involved in. Many of us are not realize this – it is much easier to start with something similar to your day job because you already know about it, rather than starting with something you don’t know about.

You know the ins and out, pros and cons, basically most of it.

Plus you can start making money without even joining its affiliate programs in the first place.

Some examples here. If your day job is a head chef, you can start a website about cocking in the food niche. Because you already have enough experience with it, you can create your cocking tutor programs.

Is It Just A Trend?

Once you get a few niche ideas, it’s time to analyze each of it. This is to be sure you are not pick something that is just a trend. On-trend things are not meant to last forever. Because people will get bored sooner or later.

For short-term profits, it may be a good idea. But when the trend is down, you can’t generate any profit from it anymore. And don’t forget we are not here for the short-term.

Monetization Opportunity?

After you decide the niche you want to be involved in, now what you got to do is look for is monetization opportunity.

Go to Google and simply type in “your niche + affiliate programs

This is for you to make sure your niche has a lot of monetization opportunities. We don’t want to get stuck with limited monetization opportunities. This is because you will be creating a lot of content that’s gonna touch every aspect of your niche. Each article/video may have a different monetization opportunity, different products to promote on.

Creating Content – Keyword Research For Chosen Niche

keyword research
After you’re done selecting a niche, now you are ready to create content on your website.

But first, you need to know this.

The purpose of creating content is to educate, solving problems, and make money from it by soft-selling. But for your content to serves its purpose, your content first must be founded by people who are interested in the particular niche. This means your content must be on the first page of SERP.

So the question now is, how are new websites gonna get ranked on the first page of SERP?

The answer is by using a low competition keyword.

Low competition keyword simply means it didn’t have a lot of competition and it will be easier for content from new websites to be ranked on the first page of search engines. Using a low competition keyword for your new website is critical as you will not be able to compete with a higher DA (domain authority) rank website if you using a high competition keyword.

Sure, high competition keywords have much more searches and traffic, compared to low competition keywords. But what good can it do if your content did not rank on the first page of SERP?

Plus, you can always make up for the downside of low competition keywords by focusing on volume (update new content regularly/high frequency).

Let’s do the math.

If one article with one low competition keyword will grant you 50 visits per month, how many visits you will get per month when you have 50 articles?

Now you get the idea.

Bear in mind this calculation is based on just one keyword. As time goes by, one article has the potential to be ranked with other keywords because Google has increased its trust in your website.

To get the right keyword, you’ll conduct keyword research by using a keyword research tool. When doing keyword research, you aim to get as many low-competition keywords as you can.

The 3 Data – The Holy Grail For New Websites

There are many keyword research tools out there. But as a general rule of thumb, a good keyword research tool is without unnecessary confusing indicators and ONLY provide you a straightforward, and important data like down below :

  1. How many searches were conducted per month on a particular keyword
  2. How much potential traffic your website gets if your content with a particular keyword rank on 1st page SERPS
  3. How much competition you have for a certain keyword

In my opinion, the data above is a must-have in every keyword research tool because only with this data you’ll know which one is a keyword that you should use.

You are free to use any keyword research tool as long as it can provide you with the 3 important data above. Like me, I’m using Jaaxy.

keyword research tool jaaxy

Not just easy to use, but Jaaxy also able to provide its user with 3 important data that I mention above.

  • With AVG, the user will know how much the average number of searches that the keyword receives per month.
  • With TRAFFIC, the user will get an estimate of how much of a total number of visits if their content with a certain keyword ranks on the first page of SERP.
  • With QSR, the user will get an idea of the number of competing websites ranked in Google for a certain keyword.

Utilize Answer Socrates

To make it much easier for you to conduct keyword research, without spending too much time guessing search terms peoples use on the search engines, you can use Answer Socrates.

What this website does is providing search terms that people were typed in on search engines. This website also will categorize the search terms. Example keywords that start with “how” phrases, this website will list it all.

In this example above, I’m just typing in “make money blogging” and the results are as you see. You’ll get all the search phrases that people used. All you have to do now just copy and paste the search phrases to any keyword research tools and analyze the 3 data to determine whether it is in the low competition keyword category.

What you need to watch out for is only copy search phrases that are making sense grammatically.


Finding the right niche is important so you can be profitable. Take your time when choosing a niche because picking the wrong one at the start of your journey is a fatal mistake that is not taking your business anywhere. It will be so hard for you to keep going on until finally, you give up.

I hope you learn something from this article. If you have your view about this topic, your way of finding the right niche, or you have questions to ask feel to drop a comment down below. I would love to read, learn and reply to all of it.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for this very interesting article. I enjoyed reading this because I am still new in online marketing. I really liked your definition of what a niche is and how to pick one. I always used to think that you should pick a niche that you are passionate about, but after reading this I just discovered that it is not good enough to simply have passion about your potential niche, you should have good experience and knowledge so you can educate your potential visitors and make sales in the long run, wow! thanks again!

  2. You article is very practical.  I have had an online business for awhile. I wish I had your article as I was thinking about a niche.  I think the most important you makes is about expertise.  If someone is really into something and has a lot of experience, they will be able to write almost unlimited articles about that subject.  As well, they will be able to answer quesstions.  Once I found a niche I knew about, the business became not only profitable but much more fun.

    • Yes you are right. Most of us fails to see just relying on passion is not enough. We can have passion as high as Everest mountain but without experience, that is needed to generate sale, anyone will burned out. We should view this in backwards – experience will create passion.

  3. This is a very interesting and easily read post.

    I was particularly interested in your advice not to choose a niche that is just popular at the moment, but will soon pass.

    Your advice on keyword selection is interesting and particularly your introduction to Answer Socrates.  I was totally unaware of this website, but it is amazing and I am so glad to have found it – thanks to you.


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