Here’s How Beginners In Blogging Can Make Money ASAP


can a beginner in blogging make money?

Can beginners in blogging make money as soon as possible? The answer is yes you can make money in blogging as early as possible even as beginners. There is a misconception that blogging only brings in money when one has a following of thousands. This is not true.

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There are many ways to monetize your blog. You can turn your blog into a variety of different things, such as a marketplace for freelance writers, or an online store. The possibilities are endless! The idea here is to be creative. Below are ways and how you can start earning even you are a beginner in this field.

How To Make Money Blogging As A Beginner

1. Create & Sell Content for Other Sites

Before the internet, the most successful content creators were those who wrote for magazines and newspapers. Now, the web has become a powerful platform for creating and distributing content.

To make a living by creating content, it has become necessary to work for multiple websites. One of the most viable options is to make money in blogging as fast as possible to create content exclusively for different sites in return for compensation and exposure.

This may sound like a great opportunity but some drawbacks need to be considered before making this decision. It can take time away from other important tasks such as family and friends, sleep, or self-care. It can also be very time-consuming trying to create unique content that will be accepted by different websites.

You can use your blog as a showcase for your writing. You can put testimonials there too. Show your blog to your customer when they asked for a sample of your writing.

2. Offer Coaching Based On Your Expertise

If you are an expert in any field, it could be a great idea to offer a coaching service. You can share your knowledge with people who need help in the related field. You might offer a monthly/weekly membership or charge based on hourly.

Start by buildup a reputation for yourself by publishing blog posts related to your expertise. You can even embed your video giving coaching there. Then you can reach out to companies or entrepreneurs if they are interested/in need of coaching or simply just use advertising like Facebook Ads to reach you.

3. Sell Your Own Products On Your Blog

Have your own product? Guess what, you may not need to promote your product on other sites anymore because now you have your own blog.

One of the beauties of blogging in the 2020s, blogs are not just a place to read anymore. It can be a “market” to sell products. The best part? Readers who find your product is useful to them will share the article of the product with others too.

You can create educating and convincing content about your product (what problem it can solve, what are the benefits, what are the specifications, etc), and then just spread the word about it. The rest leave to the readers. Include a direct link at the end of your blog post so readers can easily purchase the product after reading your article.

4. Monetize Your Blog With Paid Advertising

A common misconception about monetizing blogs is that you need to have a huge audience for them. You don’t. You can start monetizing your blog with advertisements, engagement, and sponsorships as soon as you have an audience of at least 1000 readers or 20-30 articles.

Paid advertising is a great way to start earning an income from a blog. Advertising revenue is generated by ads being published on your site and these ads are what generate income for you every time they are clicked or interacted with. To get started, you need to set up an account with Google AdSense, which will allow you to display ads on your site that generate revenue every time they’re viewed. All you have to do is wait for the platform to find advertisers that are interested in your content.

5. Sell Other People’s/Company’s Products That You’re Passionate About On Your Blog

One of the best ways to make money blogging is to sell products you are passionate about. There are several ways to do this, but the most common is by becoming an affiliate. This means that you promote a product on your blog and get a commission every time someone buys it as a result of your blog post.

Affiliates are often given the same opportunities as employees in their own company. They have access to tools that help them market their products, and they can earn up to 100% commission depending on the company they work with. It is not unusual for these commissions to reach $1 million per year for some of the best affiliates out there who work for large companies like Amazon or Google.

To help buyers make their decision easier, you can put together promotional content that is designed to provide consumers with as much information as possible about the product so that they feel confident in their purchase decision. This content also includes testimonials from satisfied customers who have used the product before and loved it so much.

And unlike advertising, you can include your own opinion on the product and it’s not just all coldspots or how great the product is – you show what you like and dislike about it which makes it more genuine for the buyers.

The Basics Of Making Money Blogging As A Beginner

I’ve shown you ways so that you’re confident even as a beginner in this field, you can make money without having to wait for too long. But to be able to succeed, first, you need to understand the science behind how it works.

The first basic of making money blogging as a beginner is to gain trust from readers by providing them value (educate or solving their problems) in your content. Regardless of what niche you in, this is your priority. By doing so they will verify that you are the authority within a particular niche which results in you gain trust from them. After that, the make money part will become easier.

Secondly, you can start blogging with a niche that you know nothing about or you can start based on your expertise. What I recommend is to start based on expertise. The reason is, it is much easier to make money blogging based on your expertise because you already know about it, rather than trying to do something you are not familiar with. So there’s no guessing or spending too much time with research here.

For example, your day job is as a gardener. You can create a blog about gardening. Now since you already know about gardening (because it is your day job) it is much easier for you to create content around it compared to other people who are not gardeners. By the way, expertise is not just about your day job. It can be anything that you know the ins and out of it. For example, you can start a blog based on your hobby too.

Third, the price of your product or service depends on the monthly traffic your blog gets. I don’t have the exact measurement for this because it depends on the product creator. But to make it simple: If your blog averaged 5k visitors per month, then it makes sense if the product/service price is cheap.

But if your blog monthly visitor is below 1k, then it makes sense if you make the price higher. Because if your blog has high monthly visitors, you essentially will be competing with another blog that sells the same types of product. So to be able to compete with them, one of the effective ways is to lower the price, right?

Conclusion – Is It Impossible To Make Money Blogging As A Beginners?

Some people may say that blogging to make money will take a lot of time before you begin seeing a penny. Or it’s just impossible. But the fact of the matter is it is much easier to make money blogging when you know what you’re doing from the start.

Many things come into account when you want to make money blogging and the most important thing you need to achieve what you want is your passion. If you don’t have a passion or don’t feel like writing, then it won’t be possible to successfully make money in blogging.

If you have your own ways to make money in this field, or you have your own opinion about this topic, drop your comment down below. I would love to read it. Also, if you think this article is useful, don’t forget to share it. It means a lot to me. That’s it for today. See you in the next article.

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