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Hello & hye my name is Akid. Welcome to my blog that’s gonna help you finding which money making online opportunity that is legit, honest and real. Also from time to time i will be sharing related content with you (don’t worry it’s free!) about what you need to succeed in money making online.

I also want to be someone who will give you a wake up call so you don’t endup being a victim of BS, scam money making opportunity. See, here’s the thing.


Back in 2007, the feelings to get what i want without having to wait sparks within me. What i mean by waiting is money. You see, i was raised in a family where if you really want something, get it yourself.

Firstly, i think i was raised by a wrong guardian. The feelings became stronger when i started comparing me with my friends, who’s lucky enough to have rich parent/guardian.

Don’t get me wrong. i love them as much as my late parent. Sooner, i than realized by having guardian that really strict about savings they gave me strength, determination, ambition, burning desire & dreams where my friends that was born from rich family, didn’t have.

I was stand by my own feet.

So i started looking for ways to achieve my dream. After making some research, i was aiming to make money online. But at that time i wasn’t really serious and commited enough with what i worked on. I did try a few things but didn’t get a cent.

Fast forward few years later, I than have a job working 10am – 10pm, living with paycheck to paycheck.

At first i feel it was ok. I’ll was guaranteed making money every month without failed. Plus the benefits is good too. Without i realized, I was trapped by my own comfort zone. For a while, it makes me forget about my dream too.

But as soon as i earn bigger paycheck by accepting higher position, things started to reveal it self. Stress, tired, bigger responsibilities, off day but still have to answer phone call about work, off day but my mind still thinking about work.

After countless pf hours trading my time doing a job that i did not enjoy, i started questioning my self :

“For how long should i continue lying to myself by telling it’s ok living like this?”

“I just want money & time freedom. If i have to work, it should be something that i loved doing it. Is it too much to ask for?”


So i started to looked back about a dreams that i left behind. Gather it all back – strenght, determination, little by little. Getting serious about achieving my dream everyday. But the road is not always straight up. I endup with a lot of failures. Even worst, i’ve let myself become a victim with online money programs/software that was claimed by the creators will delivered fast results.

I did not making any money from it but instead, i was giving money to the programs/software creators. Not to mention the effort & time that i was putting in for studying the trainings and try to implemented what i learn from it.


That is why this blog were created.

It’s not just a totally¬†‘i blog so i can earn your money’ stye. That’s not my intent.

It was to give you a wake up call.. To clear your vision if it’s clouded by powerful copywriting that did not deliver results. To help you from being scam and to help you worked on with something that is real, honest & legit. So you don’t endup like me and you will have a clear path to success in money making online.

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