8 Niche Blog Ideas That Are Profitable In 2021

7 profitable niche blog ideasWant to start a new blog but didn’t know what niche you can create with? Well, here are the 8 niche blog ideas that are profitable in 2021. 

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It is predicted that by 2021, the majority of the population will be more digital than not. I indicate that this will profoundly affect what people are interested in and what topics they are looking for information on. As a result, it is predicted that there will be an increase in demand for niche blogs with quality content. If you start a blog in one of these niches, you can generate traffic and earn money.

This article predicts future profitable blog niches based on popularity trends over the years (and maybe even decades).

Which Niche Is Best And Profitable For Blogging In 2021?

1. Meal planning niche

The meal planning niche is a topic that is interesting to many people. Furthermore, it’s a topic that can generate income for the blog owner if they know how to approach it correctly.

This niche is about making the process of buying food more straightforward and more accessible. An excellent way to approach this topic area is by focusing on what each person finds most challenging when making their own meals or coming up with ideas for what to eat.

It’s the process of finding a variety of new and healthy recipes and getting all the ingredients for them at one time. The goal of Meal Planning is to eat better without spending too much money or time in the process.

There are many ways to monetize the meal planning niche, such as providing a specific service, such as Meal Planning Service or Meal Planning Coaching, or even Meal Prep Boxes.

One of the best ways to monetize the meal planning niche is by offering a product or service that solves a struggle for the niche’s audiences. For example, people who are new to cooking often struggle with cooking and do it. So you can create a service where you write meal plans based on their preferences and show them how to cook them.

Another way to monetize is by paid advertising/sponsorship/adverts.

2. Parenting niche

The parenting blog niche is a blog about parenting and related topics. There are many different types of parenting blogs, including those that offer adoption-related information or focus on a particular subject such as breastfeeding or cloth diapering.

Parents usually write to discuss their experiences with raising children, different parenting styles, etc. In addition, many people visit parenting blogs to get advice, such as how to take care of their children or how to deal with certain situations they might be in.

There are many ways that you can monetize your blog. For example, you can sell products like organic baby food, organic toys, and clothing. You could also create an affiliate marketing program where you link to products and services on the ones that you like or recommend.

You could also offer consulting services for parents who have problems with their children, such as sleep deprivation, food allergies, and more. Another way would be to provide professional advice on how to handle a tantrum when in public or how to parent a problematic toddler without losing your mind.

3. Home decor niche

Home decor blogs are a trendy type of blog that focuses on pictures, videos, and articles about home items. Usually geared toward a female audience, so they are interested in the latest trends and ideas.

This niche allows people to see the different types of decorations that can be done at home. In addition, they can get ideas from these blogs for their personal space or even for their living room.

There are many ways to monetize a home decor blog niche:

  • Product Reviews – reviewing home decor products and comparing them with other products
  • Sponsored Posts – blogging about sponsored posts
  • Affiliate Marketing – linking to products that you’re using or recommending on your site for a commission
  • Membership Sites – readers can sign up for a membership site where they can watch tutorials and classes related to your topic.
  • Online Courses – teaching online courses related to the niche

4. Diy blog niche

The DIY blog niche is a popular niche for bloggers. Many people love to do things themselves and seek out DIY blogs for tips, tricks, and advice on any number of projects they can undertake. Also, it can help save money.

Some examples of DIY blog topics include gardening, home improvement projects like painting or remodeling, crafting and sewing projects, cooking tips and recipes, pet care like grooming or training.

A DIY blog can be monetized in a variety of ways. The most popular and oldest method is affiliate marketing, which allows you to make some money by recommending products. Also, a successful blog can generate revenue through advertising networks and CPA networks. At the same time, the businesses who advertise on your blog may also compensate you with some form of commission.

You can also monetize your blog with Patreon. This is a membership site where you offer certain perks to your subscribers in return for monthly donations. The benefits can be as simple as weekly behind-the-scenes pictures or videos, early access to blog posts, or just the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’re supporting someone. There are many different options for Patreon, including setting up a monthly donation of any amount.

5. Transport-travel niche

A transport-travel blog is dedicated to providing information about different methods of travel, such as flying, driving, and train travel. In addition, these blogs offer information on how people can get from one place to another.

In many ways, there is little difference between a transport-travel blog and a travel blog. For example, transport travel blogs often focus on just one type of transportation. In contrast, travel blogs might include all kinds of vehicles in their posts.

There are also differences in the audiences for these two types of blogs. For example, transport travel bloggers may have a more specific audience than their counterparts who post about all kinds of transportation.

A transport-travel blog niche can be monetized in many ways. For example, you can create a membership site that teaches people how to travel on a budget and find cheap travel deals. Second, you can partner with companies that want to sell products through your site. Third, you can sell advertising space on the blog for companies that produce cars, buses, or trains.

But the most effective way to monetize this niche is by becoming affiliates for transport agencies—for example, Villiers Jet.

You can earn commission from the Villier jet affiliate program. What is jaw-dropping here is how much they pay: $5K-$10K per commission!

6. Anime niche

Anime blogs can cover a wide variety of topics. Anime blogs are expected to give viewers information about the latest anime shows, games, and movies. This information includes reviews, synopses, and trailers for the latest releases.

Some anime bloggers also provide their own feedback on the shows or games they have watched and played. In addition to this, anime bloggers can give information in the industry at any given time and what is coming up in future releases.

The niche has many people interested in it because of its popularity in Japan and outside of the country. Anime has a large fan base, and these blogs have many visitors.

The most significant revenue streams for anime bloggers are in advertising and affiliate marketing. You can earn money from ad networks and commissions from linking to products that you recommend on your site.

You can monetize your blog by running ads on it through a network like Google AdSense, Mediavine, or Amazon Associates. You can also make commissions by linking to products offered by these networks and other companies such as eBay.

But the ultimate way to monetize this niche is by selling your own product. Usually, there will be part of the viewers who are into drawing, especially in anime style. So you can come up with a course, for example, “how to master the art of anime drawing in 30 days”.

***By the way, currently, I’m into Boruto, Dragon Ball Super, and One Punch Man. What’s yours?

7. Gaming niche

A gaming blog is a type of blog exclusively about video games and the culture around gaming.

Gaming blogs are popular because of the in-depth writings they provide on various aspects of gaming. They also have reviews, game trailers, gameplay videos, podcasts, and many more features that make them more than just a news website.

These blogs are a good way of sharing your thoughts about video games with others online, as well as keeping up-to-date on different game releases that might be relevant for you.

Considering the popularity of video games, it’s no surprise that many people would want to create content about them. As a result, this niche can be quite lucrative, and there are several ways you can monetize it.

If you are running a gaming blog or looking to start one, here are some monetization ideas to consider. Either add paid tutorials in the form of video or text guides on how to play games better. Or become an affiliate and write reviews on games, consoles, or gaming accessories and charge for it.

Do you have your own way to monetize this niche? Share it in the comments below!

8. Wellness niche

A wellness blog niche is a type of blog focused on promoting self-care and a healthy lifestyle. It is often about yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, personal development, or fitness.

These blogs are all about promoting health and wellness, and they tend to be full of posts on maintaining a healthy diet, organizing your home for an easier life, or practicing calming exercises. A wellness blog niche is a blog that focuses on topics related to health and wellness. This may include food, fitness, lifestyle changes, and more.

This kind of blog is an excellent choice for people looking for ways to improve their lives. It also appeals to people looking for ways to make their lives more enjoyable and less stressful.

A wellness blog can be monetized by:

  • Selling digital products and services related to wellness
  • Selling physical effects related to wellness
  • Accepting advertising from brands in the health food industry

Conclusion – Choose a niche that you have experience with

The idea behind this section is to not pick a blog niche that you are passionate about but to choose one that you have experience with.

There are many reasons why people should choose a blog topic based on what they have experience with. First, it will be easier for blog starters to write about the subject because they know it better than anyone else does. Also, their readers will be more interested in reading content about the topic because they will feel like they can learn something new from it. Lastly, if we think more practically when bloggers don’t have experience in a given topic and try to cover it, there’s a chance the information may not be accurate or helpful at all.

The important thing is that you don’t need to spend hours researching your topic before writing for an hour or two.

***Have your own ideas of the best niches or your own opinion about this topic? Leave your comment down below. Also, if you find this article helpful, I really appreciated it if you could share it to help others. Thanks!

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