3 Advantages Treating Blogging Like A Business

What are the advantages of treating blogging like a business & why some fail in this field? If you just starting, knowing these is critical. Because this is what differentiates who gets results from blogging and who are not. There are 3 advantages and you will learn why some did not make it.

Hi, akid here.

If you still fail to generate revenue from your blog, the only way to overcomes it is to review again how you approach blogging. If you blog as a hobby and just positioning yourself as a writer, usually what will happen is this:

  1. You will write anything you want to write
  2. What you produce did not have objective, purpose, and value
  3. Readers gain nothing from reading your articles
  4. You gain nothing too

As you can see what you do is what you get. In my previous article on affiliate marketing, I’ve mentioned a personal blog is not meant for everyone.

Because those who succeed in a personal blog either are lucky or they are a celebrity/influencer. They have followers that eager to know what happened in their daily lives. So, even if they blog about what they eat for lunch or where they hang out today, readers love it.

Now, let’s look at a mirror. Who are you see?

If what reflects in the mirror is an ordinary person, then who cares what you eat for lunch or where you will hang out today, right? So to make money blogging and increase the odds of success, you’ll need to make a paradigm shift. You need to change the way you view blogging. You need to treat the blog like a real business.

But what do these phrases mean?

In a real-life business, the business owner provided value in their product for the exchange of money. In the blogging world, any article created needs to have value for the exchange of money.

3 Advantages Blog Owner Gets When Treat Blogging Like A Business

There is 3 advantage one will get when blogging the right way compared to those who are not. The first advantage will be the content ranking advantage. The second advantage, boots revenue. The third, open doors to a high-paying project.

1. Contribute Better Content Ranking In Search Engine

The first one is content ranking will be easier and fast than before. When blogging in this path, you will be viewing this field in eyes of a business owner.

As you know, a successful business owner will always think about improving their product, which will lead to the improvement of profits. So by positioning yourself in their shoes, your mind will get inspiration to trigger “improvement” questions like:

  • “Can my article really solve a problem?”
  • “What about my blog’s layout? Is it comfortable for the readers?”
  • “Certain articles did not get enough attention. What do I do wrong? What can I improve?”
  • “How can I increase my revenue?”
  • “How can I build relationships with other blog owners and gain benefits from it?”
  • “How can I promoted my blog?”

All the questions above can only be self-triggered if you position yourself as a business owner, not a writer. Writers can only think about improvement of writings/brainstorming for great ideas. This is not enough if we want to grow the blog and monetize it.

Obviously, the most important aspect you will improve is the content. You will want to make sure it is guaranteed value-delivered. But with a vision of a business owner, you will make improvements about other things too – the blog’s layout and design, building relationships with other bloggers/website owners, link building, etc.

You will saw what a writer couldn’t.

Basically, your sense as a business owner has driven you to make improvements. All the improvements you do will increase your blog Domain Authority (DA) and improve content ranking in search engines from time to time – which is what we’re after.

2. Generate Revenue In High Frequency

The beauty of blogging in this way is it will make a blog generating revenue at a higher frequency. You’ll be making money regardless of the day and time it is.

Now I want you to imagine the situation below:

How would you feel when you see a notification in your phone that says $300 from blogging revenue safely land in your account right after you woke up from sleep? Then another $150 (again), after your lunch? That’s a total of almost $400 bucks just in half of your day (and you still got 12 hours left).

Now, you may feel I’m exaggerating a bit. But really, is it possible a blog can generate revenue to that extend? The answer is yes it is.

You see, generate revenue in high frequency depends on how many monetizable articles you have. How many monetizable articles you have depends on how many affiliate programs you joined.

The beauty of affiliate programs is that you are not tied to just one side. You are free to join up as many as you want. Simply put, the more the better.

Let just say you have 100 monetizable articles. Even you just managed to rank 30-40 articles on the first page of SERP, your revenue potential is endless. Plus, earnings for each affiliate program are different.

This is not included with paid ads, your own product, Google Adsense, etc. So you do the math.

3. Opens Opportunity To Other High Lucaritve Project – JV, Brand Ambassador, Product Review, Etc

This opportunity will come in two ways:

  1. When your blog becomes one of the top dogs
  2. You yourself seek the opportunity

I’m not going into details about number one because it was self-explanatory. In summary, when a blog has enough authority, the door to the high-paying project will open itself. You can say the blog itself becomes a money magnet.

This is the highest level a blog can reach and one we should aim for. But unfortunately, almost all of us start from zero and have to climb the ladder step by step. It will take time to reach the top.

So what do we do? This is where point number two comes in.

You Seek The Opportunity

If the opportunity comes to a blog that has authority, what about a blog that didn’t? How can a newly born blog, not on the radar, gain the same advantages as blogs with authority?

If you read books particularly a biography about any successful business owners, you’ll notice one of the many common things they were always doing – networking.

Why they do it?

Because rather than sitting in the office, they seek the opportunity itself. Think about it, does Bill Gates of Microsoft, Elon Musk of Tesla, Jack Ma of Ali Baba just sitting at their office all day long, and suddenly all the big projects/great deals/rich investors come into them? Of course not (ironically, they already the top dogs but still seek opportunity).

So, the same goes with the blogging world.

Just sitting in front of your computers typing blog posts all day long, every day is just not enough. If your blog is relatively new but wants to speed “make money” things up, there’s no other choice other than close your writing platform for a while and go seek the gold mine yourself.

Go join a forum or a community where you can networking and be socialized. Either online or offline.

For example, it’s not just a place to learn about building online businesses at Wealthy Affiliate. It was designed as a community too. You can be networking with all the members there.

All you have to do is communicate, mentioned your expertise, offer what you can do, and make a deal.

Why Do Most People Fail?

“A good deed has its own rewards”

When we helped people, we get a reward. Even we didn’t ask for it.

The reward comes in many shapes and forms. For example, maybe you did not get anything in return, but God sees your deed so god repays you with other things like blessed you with better health, etc.

In a blogging world, we get the reward in the form of money/backlinks/offline promotion. If we talked about money, we earn it ONLY, when we delivered value. Blogging for results is about helping to provide what people were searching for.

In other words, no value given EQUALS no money received. The reason most peoples fail because making money are their only goal. The problem here is any content created with those “mind states” will have no value (did not help solve a problem) at all.

So get your intention right to start seeing money comes in which is help your readers first.

“Patience is a virtue” 

Some may view blogging as a quick way to gain money, which brought us to a number two why people failing. Hate to break your hopes but this field is not a get-rich-quick game. It’s a process so you ought to have patience.

I created my first blog a few years back. I think it’s around early 2010. Using blogger platform.

I simply decide to start blogging because I was under-influenced by 1 blog that makes so much money. The blog owner even managed to buy a car, get married, build an entertainment company, a full-time blogger, and accomplished soo much more just from his blog.

All I see he is making a lot of money FAST. So I too, want that kind of speed. Because of that, my blog doesn’t even have a niche. I just went wild, write what I want.

After some period of time, I feel exhausted. I created 3-5 articles per day, consistent but I’m not making at least a dime. When I’m on a brink of quitting, I finally realized the real problem for me is I don’t have enough patience because of the mindset of “make money fast”.

Also what I failed to see that time is:

  • The blog lacks competition because the owner was the earliest who started blogging in Malaysia, where society here didn’t even care about it.
  • Articles in it were mix in niches but it was written really well – So he’s actually delivering value.
  • Blogging for almost two years before he started making money – he has the patience

What’s Your Thought On This Topic?

I really hope this article helps you learn something new.

Like myself in 2010, when I was at the brink of quitting. After realizing the mistakes that I make, I make serious changes with the way I blog. Finally, the blog achieves PR (PageRank) 2. Although not much, 95% of the traffic coming from search engines. And the best part? My blog generates revenue.

Yeah, the blogging world now is different than decades ago. But what I want to point out is if you want a result, pay attention to the way you view and treat blogging. Because I really believe anybody can achieve success in blogging.

What’s your thought about this? Feel free to share your experience or opinion by leaving your comment down below.

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