2 Best Way For Single Mom To Make Money Online

how can single mom make money online?How can an unemployed single mom make money online? What is the best way to do it? Since pandemics hit us, many have lost their job. Big companies go bankrupt. Even international banking in my country closed its operation. For those who managed to get a job back, that’s great. But what about those who aren’t lucky enough especially single mothers?

Hi, akid here.

Dear single moms, I made this article just for you.

If you currently in a tough financial situation, my message to you is to keep on fighting, don’t give up, and be strong. If you just lost a job or still failed to get any, does not mean this is the end of you. There’s always another path you can choose to walk on. The key here is you must step out of your comfort zone and bravely take a leap of faith.

If you believe working for a paycheck is not the only way to make money, kudos to you. If you are not, you need to change your beliefs. Because to succeed in this field, I’d say it’s 10% is from effort and 90% is from having the right mindset.

In this article, I’m not talking about doing paid surveys, watching/click ads, and getting money, making ways that don’t make sense, or consuming too much time with little ROTI (return of time investment). No. Because the idea here is your online income will have the potential to grow and get bigger over time. So here it is.

2 Best Ways To Make Money Online For Single Mom

1. Forex Trading

How can you make money with forex trading? Basically, you make money by trading currency. Due to leverage, Forex trading becomes the fastest way for massive returns in the capital.

For example, your trade capital is $1000. Because of leverage, you can earn profits up to 100% returns or more in just a matter of minutes/hours/daily/weekly! (There’s been a case where a small retail trader with a capital of $10, grows his capital to $200 in less than a week. Imagine that!). Because of leverage advantage, even Warran Buffet, the investment field legend deemed Forex the fastest tool to accumulate wealth.

What you need is having the right knowledge, experience, capital, mobile phone/pc/laptop, and internet connection. That’s just it. No marketing, no website, no content creation, and no product needed. It is really just you and the market.

Forex is another type of asset that was called a “paper asset”. Even stocks are in this category. But I do feel Forex is the best, hands down. Why? Because forex:

  • Enables you to gain profit in two ways either the market goes up or down. Stocks just one way.
  • You can choose to gain profit in minutes/hourly/daily/weekly, or even monthly.
  • You can enter and exit anytime you want. It’s a very liquid type of market.
  • Leverage – Enables you to place a bigger size trade with minimum capital and gain massive profits. In stocks, there’s no leverage. This means your need bigger capital for it.
  • Can start with a capital as low as $100, $50, $25, $10, or even $5! (depends on the broker).

When you can earn profit consistently, the world becomes yours. I’m not bluffing. You don’t even need to work to make yourself money. You can trade anytime, anywhere you want. With good knowledge and solid experience, you just spend 10-15 minutes analyzing the chart. If there’s a trade opportunity take it and if not, just walk away. Pretty much that’s all you do every day.

Forex Trading Is For Single Mother Who:

  • Has the patience to learn and can wait for the right trade setup.
  • Willing to spend more time learning at the early stage.
  • Realize there’s a risk of losing capital.
  • Did not easily get affected if any particular trades are lost.
  • Want big profits with minimum work (if already mastered how to trade)

Disadvantages of forex trading:

  • Due to its high volatility, the potential gain is big but as the opposite of the positive side, the risk of losing capital is high.
  • You can earn big ONLY if your capital is big.
  • Requires good control over greed, anger, and revenge.
  • Requires good knowledge and experience to earn consistently.
  • Some brokers are not regulated.
  • Leverage is a double edge sword – either help you gain massive profits or massive loss.

2. Blogging

If you looking for ways to build an online business, then blogging is the way. The beauty of blogging you can build a business around something you like, something similar to expertise, or something you don’t even know about.

How you can earn money through blogging:

  • Become an affiliate for certain products and create “review” content for it.
  • Sell your own product/courses.
  • Earn revenue through paid ads like Google Adsense.
  • Rent a specific section in your blog for advertising (when your blog has a good amount of traffic).

No Value Provided Equals No Money Received

No matter which path of blogging you take, they all have one thing in common that you should do to be able to generate money in blogging: you must provide solutions for the reader’s problems. In other words, give your readers value in every content you create. Simple as that.

Become an affiliate and create review content – For example, your hobby is gardening. So you joined any gardening affiliate program. Pick one of their product and then you create a review article for it. You list all the features, pros, and cons, what do you feel about it (is it useful or not), etc.

Noticed the bold text in the paragraph above? That is an example of the value you should write. This is what readers actually seek when reading review content. They want your help in making purchasing decisions and this value that you write is what helps them.

At the end of the article, insert your affiliate link. If they were convinced with your review, they will surely buy it and you get paid via commission. With that said, millions of people want to buy something every day and looking for a review. Just imagine the scale of your potential revenue if you succeed helped them making a purchasing decision.

Are you are an expert in a certain field?

Do you want to help people in your expertise or sell your own learning courses? You can use blogging to your advantage. You first create content around your expertise to build trust and reputation. Then you can start selling your own courses on your blog.  Let’s say you are great at a bakery. After you build enough trust and reputation, you can sell your bakery course.

Paid ads – To earn a good amount of money through paid ads like Google Adsense depends on one thing: Organic traffic (from the search engines like Google). Here is a simple concept to understand about paid ads – The more traffic your blog received, the more you earn with paid ads. 

People love to read “how-to” content due to its nature which educates and solving problems. So if you create a large amount of “how-to” content in your niche, your blog can gain a lot of traffic from those two sources. As a result, you earn BIG through paid ads too.

Renting a specific section of the blog – Renting a section (such as a sidebar, header, body in-between content) for advertising is a great way to earn money blogging. This can be achieved when your blog has a good amount of traffic. The idea behind it is this:

Think about ads you watched on YouTube. Why the ads are there? Because YouTube has a massive amount of viewers (traffic), advertisers rent specific seconds in any related video to promote their product or services. Viewers that watched the ads, if they are interested they will buy the product or services from there.

The same ideas applied to a blog. For a blog that has a good amount of traffic, advertisers can rent a specific space in it to advertise their product or services. There are bloggers out there that charge hundreds to thousands of dollars a month just for renting their blog’s sidebar for advertisement.

Blogging Is For Single Mother Who:

  • Loves to try a new product.
  • Loves to give opinions about it.
  • Teach something around her expertise.
  • Want to build an online business.
  • Selling stuff like courses, items, etc.

Disadvantages of blogging:

  • Need to do keyword research before creating content which takes time.
  • For people with a tight schedule, creating content will be tough due to a lack of time.
  • Tough to create long-form content.
  • New blog content will take time to be able to rank on SERP (search engine result page).

Choose One Of Those And Get The Right Knowledge

Don’t choose both because it will consume too much time and will be a burden for you to do it. Pick one (blogging or forex trading) that resonates with you, suitable for your time and condition.

After deciding which you want, seek the right knowledge and learn. At this stage, what I really recommend you do is:

  • Don’t learn all of it by yourself or through self-thought – This will costs you too much time for verifying which one you should learn first and which one is for later, thus delaying success
  • Get yourself a learning source/mentor that has been certified as “the right learning source” – There’s soo many variables and things we should learn and if we don’t have something as a guide/mentor, we will be lost in the middle of the road. Plus, having a guide will help cut the learning curve
  • Give yourself time to achieve success

The Right Sources To Learn Forex & Blogging

For forex trading learning sources, what I recommend is to go to the Nial Fuller blog. Nial is a professional full-time trader who has been involved with the forex market for more than 20 years. He also has been considered as an authority on price action trading. In 2016, he won the Million Dollar Trader Competition.

What’s great about the Nial Fuller forex trading course:

  • He will teach the “set and forget” approach where you don’t need to always look at the chart.
  • Did not use any indicator.
  • Implement the right Money Management for capital protection and identifies low-risk high-reward trading opportunities.
  • Access to the members-only trading community.
  • Communicate with Nial directly through the VIP email support line.
  • Learn the exact strategies he uses that take him to where he is today.
  • Learning material for members consists of videos and articles.

To learn blogging, affiliate, and building an online business, I recommend Wealthy Affiliate (WA) as a learning source. This platform has been around for more than 16 years and has already helped more than 1.5 million internet entrepreneurs in building their businesses. Last year alone, WA has helped more than 200 thousand people started their first businesses. With numbers like that, you can sure this learning source is not a bluff.

What’s great about Wealthy Affiliate?:

  • Provides step-by-step, task-oriented training – learn with the right knowledge arrangement and take action at the same time.
  • Learn everything you need to start an online business – building websites/blogs, choosing the right niche, content creation, product review, affiliate programs, etc.
  • An abundance of training material – Online Entrepreneur Certification, Affiliate Bootcamp, etc.
  • Learn to build your own website/blog, buy a domain, do keyword research with a few clicks of a button.
  • Runs 52 live classes per year. If you’re unable to join you can always watch it later.
  • Networking and communicate with successful members, and even with the wealthy affiliate teams

Don’t Give Up, Held Your Head High, Keep On Moving Forward

Being unemployed especially during pandemics, yes it is painful. But if you looked up from the positive side, you have many advantages that others didn’t have. One of them is the most important which is having enough time. 

Time is our most precious commodity. Since you are not working, you have a lot of time to invest to work on your online income and accomplished 10x times more compared to the ones who are still working 8-12 hours a day. So make a time investment, learn, keep pushing forward even you have to struggle for it. Don’t stop dear mothers because your success is just around the corner.

If you are a single mother, I want to know how you deal with being unemployed during this crisis. What you do to make up for income, what steps you take, etc. So drop a comment down below and share this article if you feel it helps.

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